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“We can’t sit back”: in Vancouver thousands of people rallied to support Ukraine.

They already know each other well, greet each other and instead of asking “How are you?” silently embracing. It has been 11 days since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. 11 nights, when people abroad are afraid to go to bed to read in the morning the terrible news about their hometown or loved ones who could be hit by a war crime “neighbor”. All this time, thousands of Ukrainian emigrants and not only support their compatriots financially and morally, taking over the defense of the information space.

So, on Sunday, March 6, another patriotic rally was held in the center of Vancouver. Such events have already become traditional and are accepted by more and more people. Officials, politicians and volunteers are actively involved. The main request (more is a demand) for NATO to close the Ukrainian sky.

Ukrainian Vancouver offers to view a photo report from a rally at Canada Place.

Prepared by Valeriia Kolisnyk (Vancouver)

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