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For newcomers: what to do in your first month in Canada

If you do not already have employment, you should begin your job search quickly. You can get information on job postings, preparing your resume for Canadian employers, mentorship programs, etc., at local settlement organizations.

Find one close to you by using the Immigrant Services Map on CIC’s website.

Welcome to Canada!

Welcome to Canada!

If your first language is not English or French, make a plan to improve your English or French language skills. Canadians are very generous people. Their taxes pay for you to have these language classes. To learn how you can access free language classes, go

Search for a home to rent or buy. You can find information on popular website Craigslist or CIC.GOV.CA or local newspapers. For more information, go  or

Register your children in school. For information on the Canadian school system and how to register your children, go

Learn about the education options available to improve your qualifications. For information on Canadian colleges and universities, as well as adult secondary education, go

Learn about both public and private schooling available in your area. Because parents are ultimately responsible for the education of their children, parents should take an active interest in what is taught in their children’s schools.

Obtain a Canadian driver’s license if you plan to drive in Canada. For more information, go to website ICBC

Learn about Canadian laws and your rights and civic responsibilities as a resident of Canada. For more information, read the Canadian law and justice and your rights and freedoms in Canada

Find a doctor or health-care centre where you can go for your medical needs. Make an appointment for a medical check-up and vaccination update when you receive your government health insurance card. For more information, go to website

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