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Ukrainian Soul Stories at Vancouver Public Library

Raisa Stone

Raisa Stone

Compared to shoplifting live turkeys in your bloomers and erotic games in the village bath, immigrant life is beyond boring. So firebrand Baba is brewing up Old Country customs in her kitchen!

In character as her book’s narrator Baba, hear author Raisa Stone tell outrageous stories she’s collected from Soviet and Nazi survivors, including a true murder confession from her neighbour—she killed her abusive husband with soup and vodka. Raisa kept the secret until after the woman’s own death.

Learn about Ukraine’s Indigenous people: horse tamers and progenitors of the werewolf and Amazon legends, the latter documented by Greek physician Hippocrates.

Through 44,000 years of co-existing with the land, Ukrainians developed exquisite recipes for everything from Honey Onion Sauce to enliven dry mammoth (imagine competing with cave bears!), to Rose Preserves made from wildcrafted flowers.

Pre-order BABA’S KITCHEN: UKRAINIAN SOUL FOOD for signing by author Raisa Stone at:

Ukrainian Soul Stories

A seasoned actor and storyteller, Raisa will also perform a Ukrainian legend, “The Girl, the Stag, and Baba Snowstorm.” This is an ancient, pre-Disney version of Cinderella.

Raisa’s poetry was chosen to commemorate the anniversary of the Chornobyl disaster by national Ukrainian magazine Nasha Doroha. Her father survived both the Stalinist purges and a Nazi labour camp; her paternal Baba was murdered by the Soviets. Raisa has voiced a documentary for Bravo TV and performed in festivals and theatre shows across Canada and in the US.

At this time in history, she feels that preserving Ukrainian culture in order to inform present actions is of utmost urgency. August 26 article in Vancouver’s multicultural magazine, The Source.  She invites anyone who’d like, to bring a photo or memento of a family member to the event. They will be placed on a table at the front of the hall. Ukrainian Soul Stories is at:

7 pm, Tuesday, September 9, 2014 Alice MacKay Room, Lower Level Central Library

350 West Georgia, Vancouver, BC


7 pm, Thursday, September 11, 2014 Mount Pleasant Library

1 Kingsway (at Main), Vancouver, BC

Facebook event: here

No admission charge. An adult event. Some material is not suitable for children under 16.

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