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Ukrainian Canadian Congress Launches Ukraine Appeal Website

October 16, 2015 – Ottawa. The Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) today launched a new website for humanitarian and medical assistance for Ukraine through its “Ukraine Appeal”, accessible through the site or  and the UKRAINE APPEAL LOGO featured on the UCC home page.


The UCC Ukraine Appeal and its coordinating council bring together and highlight the major Canadian projects operated by UCC member organizations and other leading Canadian NGOs that are working to address the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. The Ukraine Appeal website enables donors and volunteers to identify and contribute to these valuable projects which are making a difference in Ukraine. It also allows other volunteer groups and agencies to identify potential partners, thereby reducing duplication and creating centers of excellence.

The initiative was developed by the UCC ‘s Ukraine Appeal Coordinating Council and brings together the humanitarian activities of numerous Canadian and Ukrainian groups and organizations who have united around providing assistance to Ukrainians in their time of need.

“This is a critical time for Ukrainian Canadians to unite in support of Ukraine as it battles Russian aggression and the resultant humanitarian crisis,” stated UCC Ukraine Appeal Chair John Holuk. “I would like to thank the many organizations participating in the Ukraine Appeal and am inspired by the many projects underway within the community. These projects not only respond to the immediate needs of those suffering as a result of Russia’s war, but also support Ukraine’s economic and democratic development and reform agenda.”

“The website will serve as a key platform to assist both donors and community groups to help the people of Ukraine as they battle a Russian led terror campaign in Ukraine that, according to the European Commission, has killed 9,000 people, wounded 20,000, resulting in 1.5M internally displaced people and 5M in need of humanitarian assistance. Our objective is to promote credible projects, maximize their effectiveness and help prioritize Canadian aid based on the ever changing needs in Ukraine,” stated UCC National President Paul Grod. “By coordinating with the Government and NGOs in Ukraine through UCC’s Advisory Council and the Ukrainian World Congress team in Ukraine, we will be able to maximize the effectiveness of these highly capable and motivated Canadian humanitarian efforts.”

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