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Ukraine December 1, 2013. Euromaidan – minute by minute!

Khrystyna Stebelska (Kyiv), Editor-In-Chief of the First National TV Channel 

10:00 – December 1, 2013 – The anniversary of the referendum that mustn’t be neglected! Rumors of an emergency meeting of the National Security Council that takes place in Mezhyhirya spread over Kyiv. Work of internet sites of authorities is slowed down. MPs continue to secede from the Party of Regions…

10:15 – It’s difficult for me to get into the subway train. Enormous quantity of people – all they go to the MAIDAN!

Kyiv, Ukraine. December 1, 2013 (Photo "Ukrainska Pravda")

11:30 – Popular Assembly in front of the Taras Shevchenko monument rages. People are coming from all the parts of Kyiv, such as St. Michael Square, St. Sophia Square, Bessarabska Square, Leo Tolstoy Square, “Universitet” Station, Taras Shevchenko Boulevard.

12:00 – a living chain is being formed on both sides of Khreschatyk for the safety of column passing.

12:00 – at the Hotel Kyiv (according to MP I. Bohoslovska), some people hand money to some “sports guys.”

12:05 – all webcams are finally turned off on the Maidan, Khreschatyk Street, and European Square.

12:35 – the column of people with a huge national flag of Ukraine is moving towards Khreschatyk Street. At a distance of 400 m people are carrying a large flag of the European Union.

12:43 – bulldozer escapes from “yolka” (during the last few years, it is an ironical name for the main New Year Tree in the capital of Ukraine); two trucks remain there.

12:50 – the column of National Assembly gets to the EuroMaidan. The column is headed by our FLAG! On both sides of the national campaign, a living chain of youth and older people holding their hands is flowing.

12:55 – a truck filled with sand escapes from “yolka.”

13:04 – the second (and the last) truck leaves from “yolka.”

13:10 – people are laying funeral wreaths with mourning ribbons in front of the iron frame of “yolka.”

13:20 – EuroMaidan is filled with millions of citizens of Ukraine, Ambassadors, and our supporters from foreign countries. On the Independence Square, we hear speeches not only of Ukrainians, but also of public leaders and ambassadors of foreign countries, representatives of the European Parliament.

13:25 – a group of people on protest are doing the first assault of the Kyiv City State Administration. The question is: “Where is the mayor?” They report about dispersing the crowd with tear gas.

13:35 – on the high frame of “yolka” on the Independence Square in Kyiv, activists hang national flags, banners of SVOBODA , UDAR , BATKIVCHSHYNA, UNA-UNSO, UPA… Column is chanting “Gang, go away.” Popular Assembly filled every meter around the Independence Square: streets, passages, yards, flower beds, lawns, fountains, balconies, roofs.

14:00 – people on EuroMaidan have just heard that protection on the Bankova Street near the Presidential Administration enhanced. Meanwhile, Lubomyr Husar talks to protesters on the Independence Square.

14:20 – people are coming to the Presidential Administration.

14:25 – a group of protesters broke through the guard and entered the Kyiv City State Administration.

14:30 – rumors about introduction the curfew in Kyiv spread among people on Maidan.

15:00 – opposition has seized the House of Trade Unions in the center of Kyiv (on the Independence Square).

15:10 – confrontation near the Presidential Administration goes on. Guarding buses blocked the entrance. Youth is on the window sills, journalists are on borders of the fence… P. Poroshenko calls to prevent aggression.

15:20 – In the House of Trade Unions, a preparation for an opposition press conference about the Action Plan of the headquarters of National Resistance begins.

16:00 – Popular Assembly is discussing a plan of action of the opposition in the headquarters of National Resistance, which extended through the Maidan. The commandant’s office starts its work at the House of Trade Unions.

16:10 – rumors spread among people present on the National Assembly: NGO “OPORA” provides information that at the airport “Boryspil” there were noticed some military units resembling Russian “Vitiaz.”

16:18 – EuroMaidan community shows me a video from Bankova street on the phone: a special unit guards the entrance in 4 rows. Single explosions, smoke bombs are there. Tractor drives up to and then off to the military…

16:30 – I see a new video on my smartphone. It is from the Bankova Street where they spray tear gas. Provocations continue.

17:00 – the opposition leaders have come to Bankova Street to warn against provocations.

17:15 – Kyiv hospital departments start receiving the first victims of fight on Bankova street.

17:30 – 70 private cars with Ukrainian and European Union flags leave for Velyki Petrivci “to visit” the President.

18:00 – every 5 minutes speakers on the EuroMaidan announce that our revolution of the 1st December is PEACEFUL and BLOODLESS.

18:00 – We see broken windows of Kyiv City State Administration. It is an answer to judicial prohibition of peaceful protests that was beforehand, at 4 a.m., adopted by the court.

18:30 – the Eurocolumn of 70 cars was blocked on the way to the Presidential residence.

19:00 – people start setting up tents, the stage mounting finishes on our EuroMaidan.

20:20 – a group of protesters gather in front of the Lenin monument. Nearly 200 people are there. Some of them are trying to overthrow the monument. Police and then a bus with special unit “Berkut” arrive. We hear explosions. The commandant’s office of EuroMaidan calls it just another provocation.

21:30 – Using wooden panels, prepared for the “yolka,” EuroMaidan blocks entrances from the European Square, Mykhailivska Street, and Bessarabska Square.

22:00 – in the Column Hall of the Kyiv City State Administration, as well as in the House of Trade Unions, there are headquarters for protesters who do not have a place to stay in Kyiv – for their rest and warming.

22:15 – There, on the EuroMaidan, we hear information about 40 buses with cadets from Kharkiv coming here. Moreover, they say about units from Kherson leaving for Kyiv. Journalists check the information.

23:05 – the conflict on Bankova Street subsided. We’ve seen thick police border and a chain of 200 protesters as well. Information sources give the following data: 50 victims among protesters and 100 among police officers.

23:08 – EuroMaidan sings Ukrainian national Hymn.

23:15 – illumination Khreschatyk Street is turned off.

23:30 – People on EuroMaidan spread oral information about an enhanced mode of police duty. Additional units and fighting appliances are brought to Kyiv. While the Minister of Interior Affairs refutes the information in a phone talk, here we see Internet footages from video with echelons of tanks.  Journalists check the information.

24:00 – Kyiv subway system’s work continued for one extra hour – till 01:30, the 2nd of December.

At the same time, EuroMaidan leaders urge people not to leave. Maidan and Kyiv are calm; people sing, smile, and take photos. Kyiv is peacefully supported by sympathizers of EuroMaidan in the whole Ukraine and abroad.

Lviv: more than 50 thousand people gathered in front of Taras Shevchenko monument and Opera House;

Kharkiv: one thousand and a half people came to support the movement;

Ivano-Frankivsk: more than 10 thousand people showed their position;

Dnipropetrivsk: more than a thousand citizens took to the streets;

Zaporizhia:  more than 3 thousand people gathered;

Kirovograd: more than 5 thousand people said “yes” to European integration;

Vinnucia: more than 600 people claimed for European values;

Chernigiv: nearly 300 people came;

Truskavets: over a thousand and a half people joined the all-Ukrainian protest;

Mykolaiv: more than 200 Ukrainians were active;

Odesa:  200 people opened their hearts to Europe in Ukraine;

Lutsk: over 10 thousand people came to change the situation in Ukraine.

To be continued…

The hope comes back!

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