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UCCLA – Free airfare for KGB man in Canada

Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association, media release

For immediate release (Ottawa) – Dec. 4, 2013

Commenting on the offer, UCCLA’s chairman, R.W. Zakaluzny, said: “We don’t want KGB men in Canada. We don’t understand why the CBSA has failed to do what it was ordered to do, more than four years ago. There is no right of sanctuary. This man had no right to enter Canada. He has no right to be here. He is not a refugee. He was told so by the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. He has shown no remorse for having been an agent of Soviet repression. There are hundreds of thousands of genuine refugees whom this country could be helping so why would we want to let him stay? UCCLA will pay for him to leave. He can be back in his home country by Christmas and even catch the Sochi Games.”

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