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The Canadian Museum for Human Rights and Ukrainian content

Roman Zakaluzny, Chair, The Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association (UCCLA)

We invite you to watch this YouTube presentation by Paul Grod, president of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, with respect to the taxpayer-funded Canadian Museum for Human Rights, and its treatment of the Holodomor.

If you share UCCLA’s concerns about the insulting way in which the Holodomor, and other Ukrainian and Ukrainian Canadian themes, are going to be treated at the CMHR, please contact your MP immediately and tell them so. You can find all of the current MPs and their email addresses and phone numbers online at

Please don’t wait for someone else to act. Unless all of us protest, as taxpayers and as proud members of the Canadian Ukrainian community, the Holodomor will end up as a minor exhibit adjacent to the CMHR’s public toilets.

Editorial Note: Читайте більше про ситуацію навколо Музею Людських Прав у нашій оглядовій статті Хто справді має права у країні де будують Музей Людських Прав

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