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Sunday, Mar 13, 2022: Stand With Ukraine Rally in Vancouver (Canada Place)

Ukrainians, allies and people who are against war and murder.

With recent invasion of Ukraine by Russian armed forces, we cannot sit idly.

People are losing their homes, savings, assets, and most importantly – their lives.

We need to make it clear to every politician in the world, whether it’s a world leader or a city a clerk, that WAR IS UNACCEPTABLE.

It is our duty as people of this city to show support and stand in a united front against Russian invasion and annexation of a sovereign state.

If Russia can be free to annex territories today, and go unpunished, who knows if your country is next?

One war monger, tolerated by the wider international community, makes it more acceptable for any future conflicts to be resolved by means of violence.

Here is my plea to you.

Please join us in front of Jack Poole Plaza Sunday, March 13rd at 1PM to show your support for Ukraine.

And more importantly – your support of a violence free future of our planet with no room for war.

Facebook event:

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