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Storming of Presidential Administration in Ukraine an Inside Job – Video Evidence

Translated for UV by Denis Polishchuk

Original source:

The most important event of December 1st, the first day of the revolution is the regime-implemented storming of the Presidential Administration. During this provocation, which was executed by members of the “Berkut” riot police and so called “titushky” (hired cronies), dozens of people were injured. This is why we must realise the real culprit in this case is the government. Below you will find video and photo evidence that clearly show how at around 12 noon, the police allowed two bus fulls of “titushky” to pass barriers, and how the “Berkut” riot police escorted them into the internal courtyard of the Presidential Administration. Clearly, this is being done to mislead the international community, and the Ukrainian people, and to justify a state of emergency, which the government requires to guarantee its continued hold on power. We will not allow anyone to be fooled. The government must be held responsible for these actions.

Today, close to 12.00 noon, journalists filmed a scene in which it is clearly visible how members of the regular police, and the special “Berkut” forces escort two bus-loads of hired cronies into the internal courtyard of the Presidential Administration (PA). Several hours later, we go on to observe the now infamous incident with the bulldozer, and the “storming of the PA”. Therefore, we can clearly see how the masterminds behind the proposed state of emergency are none other than the PA and most likely President Yanukovych himself.

Titushky being escorted into the inner courtyard of the PA:

Part of the “storming”:

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