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Statement by B.C. New Democrats on Holodomor

For Immediate release – Nov 20, 2015

Victoria – The B.C New Democrat leader, John Horgan extends condolences to Canadians gathering to commemorate the anniversary of the Holodomor in Ukraine, and to honor the many victims of this terrible tragedy.


“The B.C. New Democrats stand with Canadians of Ukrainian descent and people around the world to honour the memories of the millions of innocent women, men and children who died of starvation in this infamous famine between 1932 and 1933. We condemn this horrific crime against humanity and the policies responsible for the terrible events.


Bruce Ralston

Bruce Ralston, the New Democrat spokesperson for trade and multiculturalism said,

“Canadians mark the fourth Saturday in November as Ukrainian Famine and Genocide – Holodomor. This annual anniversary is an important reminder that we must remain vigilant to ensure we prevent similar crimes from being perpetrated on others and to help preserve world peace.

“The Ukrainian people have overcome such a terrible history and have gone on to build a free and democratic country.

Holodomor is recognized legislatively by the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Quebec and over 40 countries around the world. Ralston, on behalf of the B.C New Democrats, has twice introduced a bill in the B.C Legislature, which would seek to declare the fourth Saturday in November in each year as a proclaimed Ukrainian Famine and Genocide (Holodomor) Memorial Day to memorialize those who perished as victims of the Holodomor.

Ralston said, “The Ukrainian-Canadian community has made so many significant contributions to Canadian society and in commemorating the Holodomor; Canadian’s reaffirm our commitment to champion human rights, freedom, and to live in a just, equitable society.

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