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Russian Invasion of Ukraine – Call to Action


We call on Canadians and all freedom-loving people to help stop Russian aggression!

The international community must stand-up to the emboldened Vladimir Putin and his regime that seeks to reassemble the Soviet Union by invading Ukraine.  The freedom-loving people of Russia oppose these actions but themselves have been oppressed by this dictator.

However, the misinformation being spread by Mr. Putin as the reason for this illegal invasion of a sovereign state, the protection of Russian-speaking Ukrainians, is not the true reason for this invasion. His invasion just the most recent in a series of historical aggressions by various Russian regimes aimed at Ukraine and Ukrainian people.

The following link offers a summary of the history of Ukraine which is largely unknown and untaught in any world history courses for reasons you will understand once you read the article. It helps provide historical perspective into the current conflict and also corrects some of the historical myths and lies that have been woven into, and erased from history by Russian regimes over time.

The people of Crimea voted in 1991 to be part of Ukraine.  The illegitimate referendum ofMarch 16, 2014 will not be recognized by any state, except Russia.  A primer on the invasion of Crimea can be found here

We call upon all Canadians to:

  1. Boycott Russian diplomatic missions

  2. Demand that the democracies of the world sanction Russia with total diplomatic and economic isolation as well as freeze the assets and restrict the activities of Putin and his government.

  3. Share this information with your friends, neighbours and co-workers;

  4. Write or call your Member of Parliament to express your support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity;

  5. Write or call the Embassy of the Russian Federation and Ambassador Georgiy Mamedov in Canada to express your support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

    1. The Embassy’s address is 285 Charlotte Street, Ottawa ON, K1N 8L5   Phones: (613) 235-4341

To avert a conflict which will engulf Europe and the western world, Russia’s military, economic and political aggression must be stopped.

You can make a difference!

Thank you!

Taras Zalusky, Executive Director

Ukrainian Canadian Congress

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