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Regional State Administration building besieged in Lutsk. Head of the regional council resigned

Friday, January 24, 2014, 12:11

Protesters gathered near the Lutsk State Administration for a rally, demanding the resignation of the area’s governor, as reported by Volyn Post. The building, guarded by several rows of security forces, next to a bus with Berkut (riot police). As reported by employees of RSA, the police prepared a fire fighting truck (likely to be used to fire water at crowd).

Volyn Regional Council Chairman Vladimir Woytovych resigned. “I wrote this statement to preserve civil peace,” he said. Yuri Lob, the Regional Council Deputy Chairmen also resigned. Second Deputy of Voytovych and a member of the party ‘Batkivschyna’ (Fatherland), Valentin Veter told protesters that he assumes the duties of the chairman of the regional council. The chairman of the Volyn Regional State Administration Borys Klimchuk refused to write a letter of resignation and meet with protestors. According to Klimchuk, he will meet protesters when he wants, and will write the resignation only where he was hired, in Kyiv. It is reported the chairman’s office is secured with special forces “Alpha”.

On January 22, protesters occupied a number of regional administrations, in particular in Lviv, Rivne and Ternopil. In Cherkassy local police regained the office of State Administration over the course of the night.

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