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Pysanka Antenna…Keeping in touch with your roots!

Vancouver media-release

Artist, Marcia Moroz, has another creation to add to her whimsical Ukrainian themes as she continues to celebrate her ancestry with fun and “Please Touch Me” art.

Just in time for Easter and the traditional pysanka writing that so many people of different cultures and heritage are fascinated with, Marcia has created a Ukrainian contribution to the contemporary Canadian fad of wearing “antenna” headbands at seasonal events. Why wear bunny ears when you can don a pair of pysanka antenna for Easter?

Also in her repertoire of fun, Ukrainian art is her travelling, giant pysanka which has been referred to as a “great ambassador for Ukrainian culture”. Everyone, young and old, is encouraged to touch and hold the giant pysanka as it travels to various multicultural festivals throughout the lower mainland. The usual “don’t touch the egg” does not apply here!

And, if touching her art is not enough, Marcia wants people to “eat it up” in the form of her little Ukrainian dancer cookies. Her sugar cookies have become a tradition at the annual BC Ukrainian Cultural Festival held in Mission, BC. This year the festival will be held April 27, 2013.

For links to the above mentioned events visit:

West coast BC artist, Marcia Moroz, has been creating art for over forty years. Having worked in acrylics on canvas, watercolor, clay and mixed media her skill and talents have resulted in a variety of themes, serious and whimsical. She has had numerous commissions through her painting history and her work is in private collections throughout Canada. Her Marusia Designs jewelry and fashion accessories line was a popular line sold in boutiques and stores during the 80’s. She included a “Ukrainian” ceramic earring line in that collection.

Marcia Moroz art creations are loved by local community:

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