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Prime Minister Stephen Harper announces additional sanctions against Yanukovych regime

Ottawa, Canada ‑ 20 February 2014

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today issued the following statement on Canada’s response to the escalation of violence in Ukraine:

“Canada continues to be outraged by the ongoing violence in Ukraine. Our Government has responded by introducing a travel ban on the regime’s senior leaders and announcing medical aid to assist the protestors in their time of need. Today, our Government is taking additional action to increase pressure on the regime to end the violence.

“For months, our Government has delivered a strong message to the Ukrainian Government that its citizens must be allowed to exercise their democratic right to peaceful protest without being subjected to deadly force and appalling brutality. The outrageous violence being witnessed by the world must cease, and we hold the regime responsible for these actions against its own citizens.

“Today, we are imposing an expanded travel ban which will prevent senior members of the Ukrainian Government and other individuals, who bear political responsibility for the violence, from travelling to Canada. This expands the scope of travel restrictions announced on January 28th.  We will also be imposing economic sanctions on the Yanukovych regime and its supporters.

“It is our hope that these serious steps will convince the Ukrainian Government to seek a peaceful resolution to the crisis. We will continue to monitor developments in Ukraine, and, with our international allies, consider further options.

“Our Government, working with the Ukrainian-Canadian community and Members of our Caucus, will continue to stand by the Ukrainian people in their fight for a free and democratic Ukraine.”

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