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Paintings and sculptures: Valeri and Rudolf Sokolovski showcase

The Ice Box Gallery (321 Railway St Vancouver), one of Gastown’s newest galleries on the industrial waterfront, is excited to announce that Valeri and Rudolf Sokolovski, father and son, will be joining them to showcase their sculpture and paintings. Everybody is invited for an opening Thursday evening on February 12th, 2015.

Valeri Invite

The artists will be in attendance from 5:30 to 9pm. Rudolf will be in the gallery, sculpting his recent piece and discussing his work during the following week. Please call for dates and times.

Rudolf Invite


Rudolf Sokolovski is an artist originally from Odessa, Ukraine, who grew up in Vancouver. Rudolf’s immersion into the art world came at an early age, under the mentorship of his father, Valeri Sokolovski, a monumentalist-sculptor.

Over the years Rudolf has been busy in his studio working on projects and creating new artwork. Most recently, Rudolf completed creating sculptures for the yet to be released movie ‘Night at the Museum 3’, and has since been preparing for his upcoming solo exhibition. At this exhibition Rudolf plans to present artwork and a style that has not yet been seen in Vancouver, and hopes the show will inspire visitors.

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