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New horizons for seniors grant bolsters Ukrainian culture through the generations

The Association of United Ukrainian Canadians, media-release

Vancouver, BC

The Association of United Ukrainian Canadians is proud to be the recipient of the New Horizons for Seniors grant from the Government of Canada for its project “Ukrainian Culture through the Generations” and will make a formal announcement at its 85th Anniversary Celebration Concert on June 2, 2013 at the AUUC Vancouver Ukrainian Cultural Centre.

With a focus on promoting among seniors social participation and inclusion, community engagement, mentoring and volunteerism, this grant will strengthen the senior population, who make up a large portion of the Cultural Centre’s users, in our Centre, located in Strathcona, and in the community at large.

The $23,300 grant will have an immediate benefit to seniors, funding the replacement and upgrade of theatre lighting and sound as well as kitchen equipment upgrades, thereby, increasing safety and efficiency. The seniors will also gain from continued participation in cultural and community events, both as performers and audience members. The artistic community in Vancouver will benefit from the grant as well, as the Cultural Centre is used by many dynamic arts groups for performances, rehearsals and workshops.

The AUUC cultural groups encompass the culinary, musical, dance and choral traditions of Ukraine. The organization has an 85-year history in Vancouver which today reflects the modern multicultural and multigenerational experience. The AUUC Vancouver is home to: the Ukrainian Senior Citizens Club; Barvinok Choir which blends Ukrainian repertoire with music from various folk traditions; the Vancouver Folk Orchestra, one of the city’s oldest folk orchestras; Dovbush Dancers, a young and highly-trained performing ensemble; AUUC School of Dance, offering quality, creative instruction to children, teens and adults; and events geared to preparing and serving the traditional foods of Ukraine.

Celebrating 85 years of Ukrainian Arts and Culture in the heart of Vancouver – experience the joy and artistry of Ukrainian culture!

For more information, contact: Dianna Kleparchuk at AUUC Vancouver Cultural Centre, telephone:604.254.3436, email: or visit the website:

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