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“Never again”

Anton Bobanov (Vancouver)

“Never again”.

These words are displayed everywhere during the WWI and WWII memorial days in Canada and in many other Western countries.

Unfortunately this IS HAPPENING again.

A territory equal to Germany, France, Belgium and Netherlands together is on fire. Ukrainian army and the whole Nation does a tremendously heroic effort to stop ruthless, insane, brutal evil force to spread out.

If you, my reader, yes YOU, think this is not a personal threat to you, think again. Think how do you feel sitting next to a crazy monkey with its finger on a nuclear bomb trigger.

And you don’t have too much time now. The time was when they captured part of Moldova, annihilated Chechnya, invaded Georgia, occupied Crimea, sent their terrorists to Donbas and shot down MH17.

It is already late. But the World can finally wake up and do something.

Personally I see propositions of PM of Poland reasonable:

  1. disconnect Russia from SWIFT

  2. close European (and American) airspace to Russian aircrafts

  3. confiscation of all the assets of Russian oligarchs to cover Ukrainian losses and infrastructure

  4. disconnect Russian companies from MSCI

  5. shut down Nord Stream 2

  6. complete embargo on Russian oil and gas

  7. personal sanctions against Putin and Lavrov (this is already happening)

It might be too late. But it might help.

Do something.

Or simply don’t wear that stupid ‘Never again’ badge.

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