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International community must censure Yanukovych regime for violence and killings in Ukraine –

Ottawa – January 22, 2014.  The Ukrainian Canadian Congress condemns the increased use of force sanctioned by the Yanukovych regime against the Ukrainian people which has resulted in at least 3 fatalities today.

“Canada must strongly condemn the deliberate beating and killing of protestors and journalists.  The Government of Ukraine and its leadership are to blame for this escalation,” stated UCC National President Paul Grod.  “Canada must take decisive action to hold the Yanukovych regime responsible for this, including visa revocation and individual sanctions against those responsible for human rights abuses, corruption and illegal business practices in Ukraine.”

Two Ukrainians were killed by police bullets and a third was killed after being beaten by riot police and “falling from a high place”. Warning the attached video shows the graphic beating of protesters by the Ukrainian  special forces

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights expressed serious concern about the legislative package passed last Thursday, 16 January, which introduced strict restrictions for the exercise of fundamental rights, including the rights to freedom of association, assembly and expression, and imposes penalties, including prison sentences, for breaches. “I call on the authorities to suspend application of the laws to allow time for a thorough review of their content, which must be in full compliance with international human rights standards, in particular Ukraine’s obligations under the relevant treaties it has ratified,” UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Pillay said.

The United Nations report may be viewed here:

” Yesterday the United Nations condemned the legislation as grossly violating the human rights of Ukrainians and called for it to be repealed and for the authorities to use restraint. The Yanukovych regime ignored appeals for calm and escalated the situation by approving the use of deadly force against its citizens,” stated Taras Zalusky, UCC Executive Director.  “Ukrainians are being kidnapped and disappearing from the streets and being killed – the time for action is now.”

The UCC Is calling on all Canadians to contact the Prime Minister, Foreign Minister John Baird and their Members of Parliament to demand action by Canada to stop the bloodshed in Ukraine.  We attach sample letters that Canadians can use to send to their elected representatives.

Four sample letters can be found on the UCC EuroMaidan website or by clicking here:

Information on how to contact the Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and your Member of Parliament is available here:

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