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How to help Euromaidan in Ukraine: informing your local MP & MPP/MLA, local & national med

EUROMAIDAN Canada, media-release

Informing Your Local MP & MPP/MLA

Ukrainian-Canadians across Canada are joining together to support the efforts of the Euromaidan. Here at home it is important to raise awareness amongst the Canadian public, and Canadian political leaders so that they understand why supporting a free and democratic Ukraine is important to Canada, and to Canadian values. Individual Canadian’s CAN make a difference, and inform their community with simple calls, letters and e-mail to their local political leaders. Here is some information on how YOU can effect change and raise awareness in support of this cause. Click Here for a list of contacts for your MP.

Before calling, writing or meeting in person with your MP/MPP/MLA:

Try to gather as much information as possible about the current situation in Ukraine. If possible, have some links ready, if MPs ask for more has a number of good references and links that you can direct your MP to.

Try to read up on the resolutions that the Canadian government already made with regards to Ukraine. Perhaps that particular MP has made some statements about Ukraine; if possible, try to find those and in this case you can follow up on his statements. Click Here to read the resolution of parliament and it’s background information.

Informing Your Local & National Media

The Canadian Media Outlets, both Local and National have been slow to keep up with the rapid changes and events in Kyiv. They have also misused, or misrepresented some of the key issues being faced by the protesters. Ukrainian-Canadians need to speak out and bring attention to Ukraine’s current crisis by writing to Editors and News Agencies across Canada, asking them to focus on Ukraine, and the current events. Here are a few key pointers on how you can contact the media and what you should tell them.

Media Contact

Identify the media outlet you need to contact, www.euromaidancanada.cahas a list of the large outlets and how to get a hold of them.

Write to the editor or news producer and tell them that Ukraine’s current crisis is important to All Canadians, because 1) Canada is the world’s example of freedom and democracy and it is our duty to promote these values around the world. 2) a free and democratic Europe, which includes Ukraine is vital to our economy and to our geopolitical interests in the region including natural resources, trade and development of western values.

Advise them that the protest is no longer just about Eurointegration. Canadian media is still hung up on the events of November, and the signing of bail out agreements with Russia. This is only part of the story, and they need to put more focus on the general fight for freedom and democracy and the rule of law.

Focus your remarks on the fact that 1) The laws past by parliament(Summary below) were illegal, the voting was not done in accordance with parliamentary procedures and that the entire process has rendered the Yanukovych government ILLEGITIMATE.

One of the purposes of a free media is the preservation of democratic rights and the exposure of violations of law and human rights. Canadian media must focus on the fact that the current government of Ukraine is acting Against Ukraine’s Constitution, Against the individual rights of Ukrainians and Against the principles of Human Rights. These facts mean that the regime is Illegitimate and no longer fit to govern the country.

Targeting of False News Reports

A number of “news agencies” have been spreading false or misleading reports about the activities of activists in Ukraine. Most of these reports are coming form agencies aligned with the Yanukovych regime or directly funded by the Russian Government. If you come across any reports that are false, misquoted or outright lies, here is what you should do.

1) Get the electronic link of the false report and email it to 2) Post the link to the false report on the Euromaidan Canada facebook page ( with the heading of “FALSE REPORT” and a request to contact the editor or post comments to the report’s website. 3) Post a comment or write to the editor/publisher of the false report advising them of their errors.

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