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Education: Schulich Leader Scholarships at UBC

We are starting series of articles describing different possibilities to get scholarship and to study. Here we go!

The Schulich Leader Scholarships program recognizes students across Canada who demonstrate excellence in academics and community leadership, and plan to study in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) areas at either of UBC’s campuses during their undergraduate degree.

Schulich Leader Scholarships were created by Canadian business leader and philanthropist Seymour Schulich and is managed by the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto. Mr. Schulich is a noted entrepreneur and philanthropist, who believes strongly in supporting young people in their pursuit of science and technology.


Who is eligible?

To be eligible, you must be:

  1. a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada graduating from a Canadian high school, secondary school or CÉGEP

  2. nominated by your high school, secondary school, or CÉGEP

  3. possess at least two of the three following attributes:

  4. outstanding community, business, or entrepreneurial leadership

  5. academic excellence

  6. financial need

To be eligible, you should be applying to a STEM faculty of study at either of UBC’s campuses.

Vancouver Campus

  1. Faculty of Science

  2. Faculty of Applied Science – Includes Engineering and Nursing

  3. Faculty of Land & Food Systems

  4. Faculty of Forestry

  5. Faculty of Medicine – Bachelor of Laboratory Science program

  6. Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Award value

Schulich Leader Scholarships in Engineering valued at $80,000. Recipient will receive annual payments of $20,000 over a period of four years if all renewal criteria are met.

Schulich Leader Scholarships in STEM faculties outside of Engineering valued at $60,000. Recipient will receive annual payments of $15,000 over a period of four years if all renewal criteria are met.

How do I apply?

High school, secondary school, or CÉGEP students in their final year of study are eligible to be selected by their respective schools as Schulich Leader Nominees. High schools may nominate one student per year; CEGEPs may nominate two students.

For information on the application process visit the Schulich Leader Scholarships website.


When is the deadline?

The Schulich Leaders nomination period opens on November 1 and will close on February 2 in Canada.

Nominees must submit a separate online Schulich Leader application by February 23. A link to this application will be emailed by representatives from the Schulich Leader Scholarships office.

When will the winners be announced?

Schulich Leader Scholarship winners will be notified on or before June 15.

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