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Chalice invites you to sponsor a child in Ukraine

Melina Dayne, RN (BC) BN (Edmonton, Canada)

Mykola, Ukraine

I am writing to raise awareness of an organization which arranges sponsorship for children, and elders living in poverty in overseas countries. This organization is You will see children and elders from various countries who are in need of our love and support. The help is in the form of funds for education, medical needs, nutrition, and knowing that someone cares about them. Tax receipts are issued annually including US sponsors/donors.

MoneySense Magazine rated Chalice to be a top charitable organization in Canada for three years in a row in overseas development due to its transparency, governance and use of funds.

Today I am drawing your attention to Mykola, 14 in the Ukraine who stays in a boarding school with his twin brother, returning home to his parents during school breaks. His parents are unemployed but work a small farm for their survival. Mykola and his brother are working with a learning disability in school, where Art is Mykola’s favorite subject, and he plans to be a farmer! Sponsorship will help him finish his studies to reach his full potential to make his way in the world. Click on the picture to see the profile on how sponsorship helps. There is also Anhelina in the Ukraine who needs support. There is usually up three children/teens presented on the website in the Ukraine.

Right now there is Zuyoo, Paul,  Annecette, Menunutu, Kyema, hope to be teachers.  Christelle and Marthe wants to be nurses and Cecile a Rev Sister Stibben, 6; Benjie,16 want to be policemen and Karina,14 a policewomen; Julianna, 70 in Bolivia and Marie, 96 in Peru; Yoch,9 a lawyer; Susan, a lawyer; Uthiriya, a doctor, Kelvin, a pilot; Catherine, a designer; Anoop, a policeman; Yuan, a policeman; Wilfredo, Tigi,  Nayeli, Showhag, Marie, Boris, Josephine, Oscar, Matias, Mykola, and others. All the children and elders live in extreme poverty.  When a child is selected and the online form is completed, the picture is taken down and another child’s picture is presented. If you are interested in sponsoring a child whose picture is not on the website, you are welcome to call 1-800-776-6855.

The concern is that the child will leave school as soon as he/she is old enough to work, out of necessity, unable to leave poverty behind. Each child who is sponsored builds the country.

I am sponsoring Mary, 10 who lives with her mother and sister in India (Tamil). Mary’s father died of Tuberculosis, and she wants to become a nurse. Her mother was struggling to feed her family. Also Milton in Bangladesh who just entered college.

Gifts can be bought from the website such as animals, educational supplies or plumbing tools – all of which allow families to become independent and self-sufficient while providing means to feed themselves. I bought my granddaughter animals in her name for her birthday so a family could start a small business. Goats, pigs, horses and cows are available. Other items are appliances, kitchenware, art & sports equipment, solar lights, sewing machines, fishing boats, diapers, and prosthetic limbs. Or consider a donation to be used for the greatest need.

Individuals, families or groups may sponsor a child. Kindly share this information with relatives, organizations and others who would be keenly interested to help struggling families, especially the children.

“If I do anything to make my life worthwhile, let it be this.”

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