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"Zlo" is evil…

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Russia's economy only mimics life. It may seem that the ruble is stable, and the Russian stock market is even growing. Banks work, and people on the streets wear sneakers, not bast shoes. But zombies only mimic reflexes until joints and nerves rot completely. Even more. The longer they try to pretend that everything is fine, the sooner they will collapse.

In fact, the Kremlin's sanctions and isolation have dealt an incredibly severe blow. But Russia is still putting out the fire with money. It dreams that soon everything will be over, and they will live just as before. In fact, it's as if a very tired soldier needed rest and food, but instead, the Kremlin pumped him with morphine and sent him back into battle. Because they never give a damn about the lives and well-being of their citizens.

The ruble was supposed to be 200, but Russia spent $40 billion in reserves to support it. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Russia imposes the toughest sanctions on itself. Their monetary policy is reminiscent of the real Gulag. Yanukovych did the same thing when he artificially withheld the dollar rate at 8 UAH. Similarly, Azarov kept banks from bankruptcy by spending billions to refinance them. They all have the same Economics teachers. But Putin still made one ingenious invention of his own. He invented the time machine. It’s a direct trip to the worst times of the late 80s and early 90s with only one difference - back then, Russia was nevertheless heading into the future, and now a crazy dictator is dragging it into the past.

All production ties in Russia have been severed. They cannot exist without the Western supply of technologies and components. Production of cars and even oil refineries is suspended. Cascading defaults can occur at any time. Tight sanctions, along with a ban on energy purchases, are virtually turning Russia into North Korea. There’s a lot to be said about companies that left Russia and how many millions of people became unemployed. About the exclusion from all modern technologies and trade and the consequences of that. About total isolation and a leper-like treatment. All this is gradually killing the economy of any country. Proved by Venezuela, North Korea, Iran, and Cuba. And Russia has become a world leader in terms of the number of sanctions. It even surpassed Iran. I will say even more: to strike at Russia, the United States is currently conducting negotiations with Iran and Venezuela to supply oil and ease sanctions.

In fact, they understand everything themselves. And they are already talking about it.

Elvira Nabiullina, the Chairperson of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation: "Russia's financial system has become unmanageable".

Dmitri Peskov, Putin’s spokesman: "We are suffering significant losses and this is a huge tragedy for us”.

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin: "Russia has found itself in the most difficult situation in thirty years …"

Not to mention ordinary Russians. They are broken and demoralized. Hundreds of thousands are fleeing Moscow and St. Petersburg. They offer their Crimean flats for sale. They turn themselves into one huge mausoleum. They become stinky corpses that only imitate life that wanted wars and supported them. But they did not imagine that they would return to the eighties. No Internet. No technology. No goods. No work. No faith in an invincible army. But they surely believe that the future will be dark.

Dark times cover the Russian Federation, wave by wave. And each one will be higher than the previous one - until the real tsunami comes. Because the sanctions do not work in one day and Russia has managed to amass hundreds of billions of reserves. They were preparing for war. They have had extra profits from energy exports for decades. But they were erred in assessing the consequences of the invasion. They underestimated our courage, the strength of our Armed Forces, and the support of our partners. We have an endless supply of weapons and financial assistance from democracies. Russia, on the other hand, is, in fact, isolated and has no allies (save for Eritrea and Syria). Their money is melting. Every day brings new sanctions. They are doomed to an economic collapse.

And yet they do not understand that they have already died. All they have to do now is to continue to imitate life.

They lost the Ukrainian War Z. Where Z is the Empire of Evil, or “Zlo” in Ukrainian. And it will be destroyed by us.

Ukrainian Text by Pavlo Boiko, translated into English byUkrainianvancouver team – Apr 18, 2022

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