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Weapons can be different.

This is one of mine.

It is 45 years old. My father once studied in Italy. He brought it from there. Back then he was a young atheist :) However, when he saw Italian churches with his own eyes, he realized that God exists. I get that kind of feeling when I visit the churches of Lviv and Poland now.

My grandmother had it for a long time. I remember it being inside a pot with a lot of other things. I used to play with it back in my childhood.

Since the beginning of the war, every single night in Kyiv I would be sleeping with it wrapped around my hand. In clothes and with a rosary around my hand. So many nights. When Lviv was bombarded, and the smoke was curling outside the window, it was also around my hand. I still put it next to my pillow before sleeping.

For the last 45 days, I have been praying and counting to at least 4 rosary beads every time. On my way back to Kyiv, I counted 16 beads while praying. It’s 800 times Hail Mary. I wanted to get home so badly.

The only time I panicked during the war was when I thought I’d lost it…

Weapons can be different. I have a few types of it too. But this one is the most powerful.

Although I don’t really understand how destructive an atomic bomb actually is, I know that my weapon demolishes even the walls of hell. And it protects those in need.

At some point in my life, I noticed that I was being asked to pray. People believe I can do it.

And I can. And I will.

And He listens.

Ukrainian Text by Tetiana Vasytska, translated into English by Ukrainianvancouver team — Apr 18, 2022

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