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We will resist

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

I will never forget how on the morning of February 24, 2022, one tried to wake me up and I, dissatisfied with such an unwelcome interruption, suddenly heard that Lviv was flooded with air-raid sirens. The war began. Not a  hybrid one — we’ve dealt with it before — but a full-fledged invasion. An incomprehensibly deceitful, wretched and unfair Russian attack. I will never forget Sternenko’s and Zelensky’s eyes when they spoke to our nation that morning and the panic that ignited all around. How @dwo.krapka told me that she woke up awakened by some strong explosion, and how unbearable it was — waiting for my mom to wake up in Poland because calling and greeting her with “Mom, Putin started war in Ukraine, we are surrounded, cities are on fire in every region” instead of “Good morning” was beyond me. My life was basically split in two when I heard a voice message in which a person dear to my heart described how they were getting out of the crossfire to safety.  

Somewhere in the Vinnica region

Now, the 5th day is ending, and who the fuck knows what day of the week is it anyway? All the people who are close to me, people from all over Ukraine and the world are now — please, excuse my bad pun — are literally close. All of us, 56 people, wake up and go to bed together. We are always in touch, constantly reporting to each other whether we are still alive. We check each other after especially deadly explosions. We bloodily dream that Russia will disappear soon, and we are not ashamed of it. Some are in the territorial defence forces, and a great deal of us prepare Molotov cocktails. We manage logistics for refugees. Some of us are actively fighting against cyberattacks on the Internet. Some people refuse to speak Russian. Many of us live day and night under crossfire and learn to have dinners despite it. Some of us politely decide to stop criticizing the president during this hardship, and for many others, he has become the President we believe in. The famous insult spoken by our brave soldiers in the first hours of invasion has become our civil position. If someone hears an alarm, they awake the rest with phone calls. Even if they are in Zhytomyr, and the sirens are in Dnipro. We attend medical care courses and collect provisions for our Heroes who are on the fire line. Considering all this…

You dickhead, you will choke on our power and corpses of your henchmen. These are your last convulsions. The world will not forgive, We will not forgive. You all will be gone.

Ukraine will win.

Ukraine is beyond you.

Ukraine will resist. Kyiv will resist. Crimea will be returned. The LDNR abbreviation will lose even that mockery of sense that you tried to put into it.

Glory to Ukraine!

Glory to the Heroes!

Ukrainian Text by Vadim Yurchenkotranslation in English by Ukrainianvancouver team – Mar 02, 2022

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