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We will be so great, we’ll reach the sky!

Destroyed by russian invaders in Gostomel, Ukraine
The largest cargo-lifting aircraft in the world AN-225 "Mriya" ("Dream" in Ukrainian).

What will we be like after the war?

We will return home immediately after our Victory. At the border, long queues will line up in the opposite direction.

All to wake up in your own bed because of sunlight and silence. To go for a walk with a dog — we will adopt all cats and dogs from the shelters!

We will greet every stranger on our way.

For some reason, it will become important.

And we will smile. We will remember how it is to smile — easily, effortlessly, just like that. Perhaps not immediately, not without difficulties. But we will try. There will be so many reasons for this!

To buy flowers from an old lady on the way, to stand in a queue to the Armenians and buy cappuccino — they have the best cappuccino in the neighbourhood!

We will be happy to meet every acquaintance and say the ancient “Hi! You’re alive?!”

And we will hug.

For some reason, this will become important.

Or to wake up in someone else’s bed in a foreign country and remember the last walk in the park in our hometown. A hill, a sled, red noses, ice-cold hands. And laughter.

And every night we return home in a dream. We open the door to the apartment with a key. But it does not exist. Nor the house. Nor the street. Nor the city.

There is the name. And there is no city.

“Only for now they do not exist”, a Polish, a Czech or a German will say optimistically. You nod and turn away silently so as not to give yourself away. And you will dream of returning home.

What will we be like?

A country of veterans, volunteers and refugees.

A country of pain and faith.

We will live on. And we will work. Work so much.

As my nephew said, “We will be so great, we’ll reach the sky!”

We have already become like that.

We have become titans who keep the sky for themselves and the whole world.

Svitlana Yaremchuk

March 20 at 2:17 p.m.

Read the original text here

Ukrainian Text by Svitlana Yaremchuk. Translated into English by Ukrainianvancouver team – Mar 31, 2022

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