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Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Due to the information of the several intelligence agencies, nearly the most important occupant’s objective is to slaughter the Ukrainian top government, including Zelensky. For Russians, it seems to mean the end. No tsar — no team — no resistance. 

But for us, it is not like that. 

Well, they might kill everyone. We’ll grieve a bit, the guys were heroic those days. But then we’ll have revenge. Where is the connection between the presence of a leader and that there is no place for an occupant? Even if there is no “tsar”, there are people. 

And second. Russian propaganda had hugely invested on video with 10 thousand kadyrovtsy* bloodthirsty shouting on Ukraine. This is a nightmare, formidable power, death thread. How did our fighters react? “Come here, your bearded mugs are easily trackable through gunpoint”.

And actually, this tone is awesome “yes, the war is horrible, you come here, and we will show you how horrible it is”. In these few days, it seems the decades of heroism had condensed, which we are to evaluate and evaluate, glorify and glorify. 

All of this is an immense pain. And a tremendous pride. For all, as it turned out to be, perfectly tireless fighters and ordinary people shouting right into the invader’s eyes: “Why did you come here?!”

The world’s second-largest army is against us. The one that turned out to be so small and pathetic.

* Kadyrovtsy —  paramilitary organization in Chechnya, Russia, basically  protection of the Head of the Chechen Republic. The term Kadyrovtsy is commonly used in Chechnya to refer to any armed Chechen men under the control of Head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov (Wikidedia).

Ukrainian Text by Yurii Koshmarchenko. Translated into English by Ukrainianvancouver team – Mar 11, 2022

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