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Ukrainian Russian war Part 3

Author: Kyrylo “Lirik”


[All the events described in this Telegram channel were experienced by me/my brothers/guys whom I know. Some callsigns/names/names/dates have been changed for obvious reasons.

This is not a dramatic book, but the story of real people who have forever written their exploits in history!

Enjoyable reading!]


February 24, 2022

Pavlopil village

Heavy mortar fire began. A little later we heard the hum of machinery. It was understood that a full-scale war had begun on this very day.

A tank division of the Russian Federation was advancing in our direction.

What can I say, when a T-72 rolls in front of you and fires a machine gun at your observation point - not the best feeling in the world.

A big problem was poor visibility due to the peculiarity of the position (we saw the neighbor's front, and the neighbor saw our front, that is, we worked on the flanks) and the landscape.

I was running from one firing position to another with a grenade launcher and trying to see that damn tank driving over the hill and working our rear. He was already running to the elevation, after which he received a machine-gun fire in his direction, and tried to attack the neighbors, who also could not see the tank in front of us, but saw another one, which was standing in a firing position 1000 m from us.

One tank still managed to be engaged with the NLAW, but it continued its movement and drove closer to its rear.

On the left flank, the guys from the ATGM knocked out another tank.

But this turned out to be not enough.

Mortars started working on us again, and the first BMP-2s of the enemy with infantry appeared on the horizon.

Around 12:00

The grenade launcher still managed to hit one BMP, from where enemy infantry scattered in different directions.

We still managed to get in touch with the command.

The command to leave sounded.

Boys took their alarm backpacks, and I was engaged in the destruction of documentation and everything that the enemy might need.

BC that could not be taken with them also burned in the hearth of the position.

I took only the most necessary things:

- Important documents

- Thermal vision and night vision

- Radio stations

- Other devices

The rest remained burning next to ammunition

To the sounds of falling 120-mm mines and "Grads" we retreated to the rear control post.

On the way, an armored personnel carrier picked us up and drove us to our destination.

We left without losses

Everyone was on maximum adrenaline, and emotions were overflowing.

Our position could be seen burning on the horizon…

The next task was to march to the next line of defense, replenish BC and occupy other positions.

A long and difficult night awaited us.

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