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Ukrainian Russian war Part 1


Short introduction

All the events described in this Telegram channel were experienced by me/my brothers/friends whom I know. Some callsigns/names/names/dates have been changed for obvious reasons.

This is not a dramatic book, but the story of real people who have forever written their exploits in history!

Enjoyable reading!


Another rotation near Pavlopol

We got to the position at the beginning of the winter, replacing one of the units of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

It was my first trip to the Joint Forces Operation Zone and my first experience commanding personnel at positions.

Actually, I imagined it in a completely different way, I prepared myself for real contacts, shelling and provocations from the enemy, but in fact, before the start of the war, observation was our main assignment.

And I, as a platoon commander, worked with documentation 🤢.

This is probably the worst thing I have faced in the Army. Papers that act against you.

And also, no matter how strange it sounds, I liked the minimal shots from the enemy, because when they shoot, checks do not go :)

We were engaged in equipping the position, arranging it, creating new firing points, strengthening trenches, and other small things that can save your life.

There were also posts with observation through the beloved RT (reconnaissance tube) and self-made periscopic devices.

Plans were made for the next vacation and further service.

In September, I was supposed to go to study in Poland.

The war is coming…

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