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UCC Supports Medical Reform in Ukraine

February 6, 2019. OTTAWA. The Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) is concerned by the recent ruling of the Regional Administrative Court in Kyiv on February 5, 2019 which temporarily suspended Dr. Ulana Suprun from carrying out her duties as Acting Minister of Health of Ukraine. The Court’s ruling has serious consequences for the health of Ukrainians as it effectively suspends the work of the Ministry of Health.

UCC commends the significant accomplishments of Dr. Suprun in transforming Ukraine’s outdated Soviet-era healthcare system into an effective healthcare service of the 21st century.

Village clinic in Fedoriwka, Poltava Oblast, Ukraine

Village clinic in Fedoriwka, Poltava Oblast, Ukraine

Last July, UCC President Alexandra Chyczij travelled to Ukraine with the Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of International Development where they met with Ukrainian Ministers, including Dr. Ulana Suprun, to discuss the Ukrainian government’s reform agenda.

“I was impressed by Dr. Suprun’s professionalism and her determination to introduce world class health services in Ukraine. The Ukrainian people deserve access to high-quality medical care and that is why we encourage Ukraine to continue on the path of reform, as exemplified by the work of the Acting Minister of Health” stated Alexandra Chyczij

Canada is among the strongest international supporters of Ukraine and its democratic and economic reform processes. In February 2018 the Government of Ontario and Ukraine’s Ministry of Health signed a Memorandum to increase cooperation in the healthcare sector. The parties agreed upon a three-year program which focuses on:

– Exchange of information and health care professionals – Training programs and research projects – Telehealth and telemedicine – Disease prevention and control – Emergency care – Mental health and addiction – Education of health care professionals – Rural medicine and health care delivery

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress encourages Ukraine to continue on the difficult, but necessary path of reform and hopes that the ruling of the Regional Administrative Court in Kyiv on February 5, 2019 is reversed.

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