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To Those In Russia…

I'm talking to you sons and daughters of bi#ch#s! Who pompously came every summer to drink fresh milk and eat young potatoes at their parents' house. Who looked down on those who sowed, plowed, harvested...

When did you betray? Or when you were still lousy ensigns? Or when you registered your children as Russians? Or when you spoke so condescendingly of what you have seen here...

And you, officers without dignity and honour, have been taught to kill and have not been taught a conscience! You salute the flag you display in your profile picture on the day of the attack on your Fatherland... And you still have a living mother there, who was unlucky to die to your shame! What do you think?

You've renounced your own, and you are not needed by anyone else.

Our sun rises over the Chutyanskiy forest and rolls out into the Mamaiiv ravine. That's the way it's always been, and that's the way it will always be! In alien Vyatkas, Vologdas, Vorkutas, Sakhalins, Nizhny Novgorod's you will never belong because you are cursed by the place of your birth... You have some apartments, but there is no temple in your soul, in your veins you have watered-down shchi, but not the blood of the Cossacks...

You did not come out against the war. Not for us - we stand for us. You don't stop the sick bunkerer who spits on the world - you are worth nothing.

You will never visit your parents' graves, you will never see your own kind because your kind has already cursed you.

You are nobody because you are not heard or seen... I despise you!

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