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To support the morale of Mariupol

No barking of dogs, you can hear just pitiful howling, Pigeons by the garbage cans sitting closely together, A duck landed on Kalmius – it feels the spring is coming. Mariupol greets the eighteenth sun, in history forever. A ray of sun is peeking into a burned van, Between two houses, destroyed to the ground by a missile, Into the school windows, drilled by the enemy’s gun, Into the bus, immobilized now by the fire. The ray is reaching a black bombed block, Patches of light touch a deserted building. Eighteen past war – the arrow shows on the clock. Mariupol stands, terribly wounded but living. To the sharp rattle of opening cellar doors Hungry sparrows and crows rush over the fence. For seventeen days, the city’s proud heroes Are fighting like devils for Mariupol’s defence. Their strength renews with a deep breath of air, With a mobile text which says “I’m safe, I’m home”. The atheists pray and beg others not to despair – Dear Lord, deliver us from a rocket, bullet, or bomb! Volyn’ is praying, Khmelnytsky, and Donbas For Mariupol, marked on the map as bloody hell. Chernihiv and Kyiv stand for you and for all of us, Apostles Peter and Paul are guarding our sky as well. The seagulls are flocking above the Azov sea waves, Terrified by the roar of the enemy’s jets here. Mariupol proudly stands fighting for its defense. Baptized by the eighteenth sun, the invincible hero. 12 March 2022 To support the morale of Mariupol Ukrainian text by Myroslava Iltyo. Translated into English by Ukrainianvancouver team – Mar 13, 2022

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