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The mornings make us stronger

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

He went the following morning.

My country is covered with missiles 5 days in a row. Our roads are torn apart by the tracks of enemy vehicles. Wounded children are crying in our hospitals.

My god. We don’t have time to bury our heroes – with honours, and our invaders – with contempt.

The first night in the basement, I wanted to scream. Because of injustice. Because of the cunning of the enemy. Because of the treachery of the world. Because of my cowardice.

But the mornings make us stronger. Emotions are transformed into actions. And calmness overcomes fear.

For five days now my country has been fighting with unspeakable fury. With righteous fury. And already it can’t be stopped by artillery. It can’t be destroyed by any aircraft. It can’t be shot with machine guns.

The headquarters says: the enemy is disoriented. He doesn’t know the front line. And how would he know it? The front line is inside us. In our choice. In loyalty. In incredible heroism.

The front line is the whole country. Each of us is a warrior. From a farmer from Melitopol, dragging an enemy’s tank with a tractor, to the President, and for the first time, we are proud to write it with a capital letter.

The enemy should know that UKRAINE IS INDESTRUCTIBLE.

And we will talk about it live, whatever it takes. EVERYTHING WILL BE UKRAINE.

February 28, 20:48 

Ukrainian Text by Orest Drymalovsky. Translated into English by Ukrainianvancouver team – Mar 06, 2022

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