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The absurdity turned out to be reality

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

– What are you talking about? Which war? With whom? With Russia? Don’t be ridiculous!

And indeed, for the overwhelming majority of our compatriots even a week ago, rumours of Russian aggression seemed absurd. After all, they grew up surrounded by Russian culture, used mostly or only the Russian language, did not feel any civilization barriers with Russia, where almost all Kharkiv citizens have a lot of relatives and friends.

They imagined no reason for conflict.

And Donbas – it seemed as if it was somewhere far away.

It was comfortable to hide from the war there in the world of everyday life: an apartment, a car, a job, children, grandchildren, perhaps a business… And the conflict could have been explained by the misunderstanding of the elites.

And then, in one moment, the absurdity turned out to be reality.

It is hard to perceive how many tragedies befell families these days.

Not just the ones who suffered losses or injuries – I don’t think it needs any comments. People instantly lost apartments, for which they were saving for years. Destroyed property. A burnt down car. Look up close at these personal tragedies, not from the distance of political strategies – and feel the desperation of the affected.

Despair and anger. Anger that washes away the contrived indifference.

In this righteous anger, the Ukrainian heart beats harder with each explosion of enemy missiles.

TUESDAY, MARCH 01, 2022, 8:45 p.m. (

Ukrainian Text by Ihor Isichenko, Archbishop, Professor at National University Kyiv Mohyla Academy. Translated into English by Ukrainianvancouver team – Mar 05, 2022

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