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Thank God that we are not in 1920

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

It is March 1, 2022, here. Thank God that we are not in 1920, for instance.

Thanks to the heroism of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Territorial Defence Forces, and every Ukrainian, we have heat, water, gas, and light in our homes, and most importantly, hope and confidence in our victory.

Today, we can say with 100% certainty that the Russian army has not fulfilled any of the tasks that were assigned to it. It failed for several reasons:

1. We are on our own land, and God is with us.

2. The Armed Forces of Ukraine and Ukrainians have an indomitable spirit.

3. The enemy underestimated us since they trusted their own propaganda.

We won the first, extremely hot and difficult, phase of war because we survived. Now, it is crucial not to make the same mistake the Russian strategists made. We must not underestimate our enemy. The first wave of attacks will soon come to nought due to running out of assailants. And even the troops of the Potato Führer (Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus) and Chechen Kadyrovtsy will not help here, even if they come. Somewhere down the line, Putin will realize that the tactics of breakthroughs carried out by small groups of suicide bombers do not lead to anything good, except attackers winning the Darwin prize. The cursed Banderivtsi simply mock the Tsar’s subjects like real fascists, and launch language patrols, which now, after the usual identification by pronouncing “palyanitsa”, use 2FA, and force them to say: “malusenke bilesenke teliatko hamselilo palyanitsu” (a tiny white calf beat palyanitsa) – no occupier can stand such bullying and it remains for him to either die or surrender, but not everyone is taken captive. Our Ukrainian grandmothers just burn some of them in the toilets.

But, hold on! I got carried away with winnings, even though I was going to write a warning.

So, let me talk about danger.

Russia’s strategy doesn’t work, and it means that soon it might get dangerous. You see, Putin, unlike his own propagandists, doesn’t lie to himself. Jerks like Soloviev or Kandelaki can serve any regime for a fee, just like whores. Putin, unlike them, believes in his messianism. He doesn’t really need Ukraine. He wants the whole world. A day ago Russian media channels were broadcasting: “If Russia doesn’t own the whole world (it means “if Tsar Putin doesn’t”), why would we need such a world”.

This is not a reason to panic. Strategists at the Pentagon, Mi-6 and NATO are unlike KGB Higher Party School but serious fellows. Let me remind you, Biden once forged a victory in the Cold War in the negotiations with Gromyko, while Putin was in charge of an amateur hour in GDR. All these Arzamases and Iskanders [nuclear weapon facilities and ballistic missiles] have been on a watch list for a long time, and destroying them is not a big deal. But the danger remains.

Besides, after the complete failure of the blitzkrieg, there is still an assault option using artillery attack, tactics of scorching the earth, and “carpet bombing” which will result in enormous casualties and a complete military purge. This option is not that fast, but possible.

I am not a likely candidate for panic attacks, but I am a realist. So, I inform you as a realist. We have already persevered, we will definitely win but we have to be ready for hardships of difficult military work, tough life on the home front, and the hysterics of a cornered rat.

Sooner or later, it will shoot itself in its bunker, like Hitler, but there is still a long way to go, many months or years until the final and undisputed victory.

Let’s win, let’s beat them up.

Ukrainan Text by OCU Priest Oleksander Dediuhintranslation in English by Ukrainianvancouver team – Mar 01, 2022

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