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Sign 200

This was the evening sun over the Dnipro today...

Across our city, a black bus with the sign "200" was passing through. It slowed down in the flow of cars at a traffic light. An elderly man knelt down first, raising his hat and pointing to the bus. He was followed by everyone in front of the crosswalk.

They knelt down somehow instantly, without thinking, right into the frozen spring mud that the maintenance workers of Vodokanal (water utility) had left behind. Only one girl about seven years old neatly tucked the hem of her mother's beige coat under her knees.

People bowed their heads, elderly men clutched their hats with whitened fingers and sighed deeply, women crossed themselves, a boy whispered: "Our soldier." A girl kneeling on the hem of her mother's coat corrected him, "A hero!"

People crossing from the opposite side didn't understand at first, but at the sight of the bus, they knelt right on the road.

The door of the bus opened ajar, and a weeping woman looked out. It was the mother...

The elderly man rushed to her, grabbed her hand and kissed her pale fingers.

We shall win.

We will defeat this hateful horde. For the sake of universal harmony. For the sake of a renewal of historical justice. For the sake of reclaiming our history, the achievements of our culture, the heritage of our ancestors.

For the sake of all that is holy, we will defeat them.

And most of all: for one single sacred goal - the Moscow Horde will never again violate our borders or take the lives of our children.

March 11, at 22:21

Ukrainian Text by Lyubov Burak, translated into English byUkrainianvancouver team – Mar 23, 2022

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