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Russian will remain only in the kitchens

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

I really hope that after the war in kindergartens children will no longer be watching Masha and the bear and anything in Russian.

That after the war, no one would think to teach children Russian.

And I will no longer have to be a crazy mom who is always wrong.

"Because who cares that music classes are taught in Russian, music teacher loves kids”.

That after the war, football and other Ukrainian children’s activities will appear in Kyiv.

That couches and even physical education teachers will find the strength and learn commands in Ukrainian. That teachers in schools will find the strength to conduct not only lessons, but even during the breaks to speak Ukrainian.

That sellers and waiters, when I speak Ukrainian, will answer in Ukrainian.

That Ukrainian will finally stop being a language for the stage - they come on stage, tell poems how they love the nightingale's language (I can not stand this expression) and then keep speaking that “common” language.

That Ukrainian will become generally understood and widely used.

And Russian will remain only in the kitchens.

That Ukrainians will find the strength to learn Ukrainian

Children will be brought up in Ukrainian.

And that we will finally get rid of everything related to language, even from my favourite Bulgakov.


Ukrainian Text by Christina Kotsira Translated into English by Ukrainianvancouver team – Mar 04, 2022

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