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My life in five photos

I thought that nothing could be worse than your death. I thought that it would not be worse than in April. But I could not even imagine that the worst thing is to experience your death; experience the death of almost all your friends; to survive all these tortures of living people, men, women, old people and small children; to survive the mass execution of those who, together with you, protected me; to survive every news about deaths as a result of explosions; to survive every news about the 200- oh warrior - and now live with this…

I now know what it's like when a soul dies. It's when you're alive on the outside, doing everything as usual, but inside you're dead. She's just dead.

Today, the daughter of the deceased hero of Azov told me that her uncle will come soon, and they will fool around and have fun. Her uncle is my father's brother.

And he will not come. Because he burned down in Olenivka yesterday. The girl does not know about this, because she has not yet recovered from the loss of her father.

And I'm sitting next to her mother, and we have a "silent scene". How to live on?.. this is not just a pathetic question, it is really my question, how should I now live on???…

Today I saw a photo of the "cut off hands and head of a Ukrainian soldier, who were put on some stakes or a fence. I also saw a video with a clear caption of "torture and atrocities against our captive", where a living person was stabbed in the back, he, the poor man, is crawling, and they are mocking, saying something there.

They were tortured all this time. They continue to be tortured. While I eat, sleep, walk with my child, go to the store - they cut off their genitals, cut off their hands and heads, stick sticks in their backs and abuse living people.

How to live with this?…

They cut off everything, not only the eggs. And completely everything. "So as not to breed" is how the video is captioned.

How to live with this?…

Don't watch? - it is easier to forget, not to look, not to hear and not to know. Only this is not my method.

I can't save them. I couldn't do anything. I don't know who to write to, which Macrons and Bidens to save them. I am not read by the most influential people. But it's not important anymore…

They could have been saved. But diplomacy… World diplomacy…

Please, I beg you, someone who knows for sure about this, someone with a relevant impeccable education, explain to me why The Hague Court has not yet started a judicial investigation against the executioner country? Why are we still collecting evidence and not taking it to court??? I don't understand, please explain!!!

There should be some good, human reason for this, because diplomatic reasons cannot justify all these tortures, abuses, rapes, and murders.

All these people, our soldiers, they did not die - they were killed!!! These are different things.

The only reason I'm still alive in the white world is my son. I don't want strangers to raise him. No one will love him like I do. There are no more reasons. I'm not waiting for a body, a grave, documents, I don't want anything. I would like to fall asleep and never wake up again if there was no child. Because I don't know how to live with it. I just don't understand how to live now.

Tamara took on responsibility not only for her own family, she also helps other 24 widows of Azov. We will attach Tamara`s cards. Just in case someone has a big enough hart to let in her pain…

4149499808476046 UAH

4149499374258778 EURO

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