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Kremlin has been defeated but hasn’t conceded it yet…

Switch on the enemy’s mass media and listen to them for a minute. Their propagandists are in despair and change their rhetoric. Muscovites are broken and demoralized. Hundreds of thousands of them are fleeing Moscow and St. Petersburg. They are selling their apartments in Crimea. They are turning into a big Mausoleum. They are stinking corpses, only imitating life. They wanted the war and supported it. But they didn’t realize that they would return to the 1980s. No Internet. No technology. No goods. No work. No faith in the undefeatable army. But with confidence in the advent of the dark times.

Putin is still trying to send future corpses to capture Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Mykolaiv.

He is searching for Syrian mercenaries, calling in military reservists, and trying to involve Belarusians and Caucasians in the war. He begins using outdated military equipment that looks like the one from zombie films Zombie Apocalypse and Mad Max. Nevertheless, this is a sign of despair. He wants to have at least something to have a position of strength during negotiations. He is afraid of his inner circle. He is afraid of his people. Muscovites don’t participate in ideological revolutions, but a bloody hunger rebellion ruins everything on its way.

These madmen separated their troops, trying to capture the whole territory of Ukraine. They have serious logistical problems and no major gains. They have choked, and their casualties are 5 times larger than ours. They can’t organize mobilization and have a tremendous death toll. We have the support of the entire nation and queues to the Territorial Defence Forces. They are running out of missiles, jets and Eritrean support. We have weapons supply from the entire world and forty thousand foreign volunteer fighters. Armed Forces of Ukraine, National Guard, National Police, Special Forces, and volunteer fighters are tearing Muscovites to pieces and burning their military equipment with Bayraktars, tanks, artillery, and Javelins. The Entire Ukraine is burning under their feet. They run away like zombies, failing to understand that they have already died. This is a war between the dead and the alive. This is the Ukrainian national war against the Evil Z-empire.

And we will destroy it.

March 9, 14:33

Ukrainian Text by Pavlo Boyko, translated into English by Ukrainianvancouver team – Mar 25, 2022

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