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My schoolmate has managed to get out of Melitopol to Georgia. Unfortunately, through the parashia [russia], cause that was the only way. He said it had been the worst event in his life. At first, there was an opportunity to get out of Melitopol to Zaporizhzhia under the muzzle of assault rifles, but then it became impossible. Food and water had come only as humanitarian [aid] that was being intercepted by moskovites and only afterward did some of it go to the locals, who were practically dying from starvation. They had been kept in Chonhar in the cell for nearly 10 hours. Closed10 hours with small children. After that was an interrogation, where they were undressed to their underwear and their fingerprints were taken. There were questions about “military spec operation”; they were questioned for confidential information, accompanied by several men with assault rifles. Everything on the phone was checked: contact list, chats, gallery, browser history. “People in Russia are just a regime. The Z and V swastikas are everywhere. On the buildings, banners, stands, posters. It's a fascism”. In transit FSB had stopped them three times, all three times they were searched, their documents were checked, and everything considered unnecessary was deleted from the phones. He and his family are safe now. It is just one story from a thousand worse and far more cruel ones, but this is evidence of how monsters have come to exterminate our people. Ukrainian Text by asukalvr (Twitter), translated into English by Ukrainianvancouver team – Apr 30, 2022

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