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It’s time for a great choice

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

«Мій любий краю неповинний,

За що тебе Господь кара…

Карає тяжко…

За Богдана та за скаженого Петра.»

[“My innocent beloved land…

For what does God punish you…

Punish heavily…

For Bogdan and for rabid Peter.”]

The response is obvious – Russia and defection to Russia in any form and at any times – is the root of our trouble. So each of us who have been thought differently to this day is either a slave of Moscovia, an occupier or a person without mind.

Around 100 years ago the second virnyk of Ukraine (the second Head of the Ukrainian People’s Republic Dyrektoriia) Symon Vasylyovych Petliura (a native of Poltava area), answering the previous question, advised Ukrainians to stay “far away from Moscow”. 

And then: “The biggest obstacle for the recognition of Ukrainian sovereignty is the hypnosis of the name of Russia. This hypnosis is needed to be dispelled… The matter of Russia separation must be taken as the matter of the whole world’s tranquillity and as the matter of European balance…” 

Almost 80 years ago the leader of free Ukrainism Stepan Andriyovych Bandera (a native of the present Ivano-Frankivsk area) said:

“If tomorrow another form of Russian imperialism comes instead of Bolshevism, so, first it will also be applied against the independence of Ukraine and for its enslavement. Russian people will continue carrying that imperialism, will do everything to hold Ukraine in slavery…”

25 years ago Viacheslav Maksymovych Chornovil (a native of present Cherkasy area), one of the leaders of the Ukrainian Movement “shistdesyatnytstvo” (the movement of the Sixtiers), a great Ukrainian humanist wrote: “Over Ukraine, the two-headed shadow of Russian imperialism looms; it’s only waiting for a final collapse of our society in order to get its predator’s claws into the alive body of our people. 

God willing, we’ll love Ukraine above all today when we have it not to bitterly love it when we’ve lost it…” 

“It’s time for a great choice: either unity and victory and a way to the light or defeat, disgrace and again a long path to freedom…” 

The morality of this historical centuries-old Ukrainian saga, in my view, is simple – if we, Ukrainians, raise deep national realization, which will become the point of our identity, our national conscience – then we’ll really speak the same voice, then we’ll be solidarity, united and undivided – like the majority of European and not only European nations. 

This is the maximum guarantee for the eternity of our beloved United Independent Ukraine.

P.S. And finally. 70 years ago one of the national leaders said words like these: “I believe, we’ll live to see that time when, to the greeting “SLAVA UKRAINI” (GLORY TO UKRAINE), millions respond “GEROIAM SLAVA” (GLORY TO HEROES) in unison.

Now we already live in this period!!!

We’ll win!

Glory to Ukraine!

February 28, 14:30

Ukrainian Text by Viktor Yushchenko, the third President of Ukraine. Translated into English by Ukrainianvancouver team – Mar 06, 2022

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