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It is scary to write "was"...

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

There was a marvelous enterprise in the Kharkiv region.

It’s scary to write “was”.

Agromol Fest in the Kharkiv region was a great dairy farm. A wonderful team of specialists, pretty cows.

A fabulous SMM overall — their Instagram and YouTube pages have been in my bookmarks for a long time as examples of how to promote products.

The team shot gorgeous viral videos for their version of the song SHUM by Go_A and supported our team at the World Cup in a creative way.

A handsome man with a beard and lots of tattoos regularly posted YouTube videos with new recipes based on the brand’s products…

Moreover, the company has become a tourist magnet, and the record of attendance never ended. Online delivery has increased by 8 times… But…

What did the orcs do?

They ruined the farm. Killed animals. Lone survivors now wander among the funnels. Dozens lie dead in the cowshed with calves. They were shot intentionally. They are not just at war with the people of Kharkiv. They are at war with those who gave milk, sour cream, and yogurt.

I can’t post all the photos, you can find them yourselves. But my heart stopped for a moment at the very sight of this atrocity.

Why was it destroyed? Because the farm was saving Kharkiv children.

As Anna from Kharkiv commented in this regard:

“During the first war days in Kharkiv, Agromol was the only place where you could buy dairy. We bought everything they had before the products expired. They helped our children survive in those first days!”

April 2 at 8:30 p.m.

Ukrainian Text by Marina Daniluk-Yarmolaeva, translated into English by Ukrainianvancouver team — Apr 8, 2022

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