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It is difficult to find the right word

It is difficult to find the right word for those lowdown beings.

There are the words “scumbag”, “freak” that somehow explain what creatures came from Russia.

I think everyone had the experience of communicating — possibly, in a group — with a scumbag, an overgrown creature who bullied only the younger or the weaker, who used stupid intimidation if he had a knife or any other means to wound.

It was just impossible to bargain with such a creature, it felt even more satisfied when the others tried to ignore it; it was mocking each and every one around.

This is how freaks and scumbags behave!

But just when a high school student appeared, it became quiet all of a sudden. And it looked very ugly and disgusting when this high school student gave him a punch.

Freaks react only to fear, their feeling of humanity is atrophied.

All these freaks are mosaic psychopaths with hyper-narcissistic personalities who are unable to think at all.

Such beings treat others only like they used to be treated.

Those are freaks!

I don’t know if the world has its own high school student who would kick the scumbag’s butt.

I see that some are playing diplomacy and are afraid to deviate from bureaucratic norms, not realizing that a freak can only be stopped by a force greater than his.

I see that the Ukrainian nation is powerful and, it seems, has risen from millennia bygone!

I believe that God’s Army is with us!

Well, maybe some alien creatures could appear and attack Russia so that it all disappeared from the face of the earth (as an option)

I want them all to be killed without mercy because freaks do not have the right to live and produce their own kind!

I would have never thought that I would be so eager to eliminate or destroy someone or something.

But this is not about destruction, it’s about clearing the planet of degraded evil which stands on a much lower evolutionary level.

Ukrainian Text by Inna Skarzhynska, translated into English by Ukrainianvancouver team – Mar 25, 2022

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