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Iron Balls Ukrainian Coffee

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

When we win, there will be many trends and distinctively  Ukrainian things known abroad. The borsch will finally stop being a “Russian soup” there. Palyanytsia is already legendary. But there is another product. Coffee. There should be a  Ukrainian-style coffee. Ukrainians already order such a beverage abroad. Not a cappuccino, not an espresso. A completely different kind. Its distinguishing feature is that this coffee is so fucking strong. A strong Ukrainian coffee. It even makes the eyes pop out. This coffee can be used to identify Moscals, because they can’t stand it. Just like the devil loves holy water.  Oh, wait, Moscals can no longer be found abroad. They are not allowed there. And we will soon finish those we have here. But the basic idea is to have a strong Ukrainian coffee in every coffee shop in the world. Or “Iron Balls – Ukrainian Coffee” as an option for the name.

Vadim Granovskiy, how do you like this idea in the coffee segment with cultural and informational support?

Gentlemen, please tag the world’s best baristas/cafes in the comments below. 


Ukrainian Text by Yevhen Klopotenko, the famous Ukrainian chef. Translated into English by Ukrainianvancouver team – Mar 05, 2022

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