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I have to get something off my chest…

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

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I have to get something off my chest. You might disagree with me because this is somewhat radical (and I’m biased) obviously. But. The Russian public is (at least partially) responsible for what’s happening to my country right now. For 24 years now, they have let a sociopath intimidate them into keeping himself in power. A hundred million nation of the biggest country on earth being stolen from and diminished by a gang of former KGB shills. There were two revolutions in Ukraine only since independence when the public didn’t like what the government was doing. And countless more throughout history. When I go on the Internet, I see posts like “Russians don’t want war” or “we are ashamed of our country”. Well, you sure don’t do anything about it. Grow up, get off your asses and realize you are the power in your country. Not putin not the police and not the army. You’re ashamed? Bring 3 million people into the red square and change things. Do something about it. But no, for 24 years they let themselves be lied to by the state-controlled media, they dismiss any information coming from outside as “enemy propaganda”. Well, here you go. This is the result. Sunflowers will grow from the corpses of your sons. Your country’s army shells hospitals, city centres and living areas. And all you do is post that you’re ashamed on Instagram. But well, from the looks of it you won’t have access to Instagram for much longer.

By Yurii “Shahor” Bisyk, SBT Localization team, Lviv

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