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He is safe now

This exhausted elderly man is Ihor Dmytrovych Poklad. Yes, the very same outstanding Ukrainian composer who wrote dozens of the most famous Ukrainian songs, including “Kohana” (“Beloved One”), “Zelen Klen” (“Green Maple”), “Charivna Skrypka” (“Magic Violin”), “Teche Voda” (“Water Is Flowing”), “Oi, Letily Dyki Husy…” (“Oh, the Wild Geese Were Flying…”) and dozens of others that we all love. Many of these songs became a part of Ukrainian folk music a long time ago.

For a few more days, Mr. Poklad stayed in Vorzel with his wife Svitlana and two dogs. Someone said that he allegedly refused to leave. But it seems to me that people simply did not have the money to organize something on their own and did not have the strength to leave in an organized manner.

Thank God and those people who ignored their fear and saved the Ukrainian artist, his wife and pets from the bombs and the two-legged Russian beasts who shot the famous physicist Vasyl Kladko today.

This terrible fate passed by Mr. Poklad. Because those murderers are destroying everything related to Ukraine.

He is safe now. Well, so to speak. In the capital.

On December 10, last year, he turned 80. On the occasion of the anniversary, President Zelensky awarded him the title of the Hero of Ukraine.

March 14, 18:27

Ukrainian Text by Oleksandryna Kruhlenko. Translated into English by Ukrainianvancouver team – Mar 25, 2022

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