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Feeling dangerous in Germany…

As for the “feeling dangerous in Germany because I am Ukrainian”: my husband did not let me go alone to hang posters at a pro-Ukrainian rally, I thought it was paranoia and well, there can’t be any Russian cannibals in a democratic society, but the very same day, the Russians attacked my friends who were doing the same thing out of hatred, they were tearing up posters, trying to break phones, riding them over with a bicycle, and using smear words against Ukrainians.

A woman with a KDW bag, who was very angry about the half-million rally where she accidentally found herself because it was all over the centre, was very angry discussing on the phone where we were for 8 years and how douchey Ukrainians are.

Some Russians in the store mocked the cashier in Edeka because she did not know Russian. In Germany. They said she was underfucked.

I do not feel safe, and I think that the Russians are the poison of society.

This is not taking into account the pro-Russian rallies in support of the war that is taking place here, on the same level as in Serbia and Russia, and even touristic symbols of the communist regime which has repeatedly carried out the genocide of my people.

I see a lot of hatred specifically towards the Germans. It's not worth it, because the German people are dissatisfied with the decisions of the parliament and support us! In Berlin, there was a rally in support of Ukraine in the first weekend after the full-scale invasion with about half a million people, and the Germans are also helping with volunteering!

We need to show this to the Germans, let them see!

Ukrainian Text by @hop_on_my_thumb, translated into English by Ukrainianvancouver team – Mar 25, 2022

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