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Everything happening to us now is about love…

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

In general, everything happening to us now is about love. Cooking a meal from the last food you have left and feeding the soldiers. Bringing meds to the sick neighbor. Taking abandoned elderly people next door to your home. Giving away your car or gear to the Territorial Defense Forces. Buying meds for a hospital for your own money, buying up military equipment abroad. Going to a rally armed with just a Ukrainian flag in front of the tanks in an occupied city. Hosting exhausted refugees, feeding them with ‘varenyky’ (pyrohy dumplings). Offering tea on the roadside. Picking up an abandoned dog, going to the other side of the town to save a cat locked in an apartment. Playing ‘flying dragon’ with the scared neighbourhood children in the cellar. Rescuing refugees from shelling. Shooting down with ATGMs fucking Russian planes bombing residential areas, although you’d never done it before.

Yes, there is meanness, betrayal, stupidity, looting, and despair. But there is much more love. I’m telling you, this nationwide tsunami of love will soon wash away all this filth from our land, just like (and I apologize for the pathos) a spring downpour washes away melted winter shit from the streets.

No doubt, that’s the way it’s going to be.

And those from where it all is going to flood back, will never understand what has happened and how in the world it is possible. Judging from the last fakes spread by them in confusion on the Internet, mskls* are convinced that people can only behave like this under hard drugs. They really cannot get it. For they do not know love. They only know fear. But we won’t care anymore.

* mskl — moskal (informal Ukrainian word for a person of Russian origin).

05 March 2022

Ukrainian Text by Inna Romenska. Translated into English by Ukrainianvancouver team – Mar 10, 2022

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