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Do you realize why we will overcome Mordor?

We will win because there is a fundamental difference between our peoples, between our struggles.

Because each of our defenders is fighting for the house where he was born, where he said the first words: “mom”, “dad”, “peace”.

For the world where he went to school, where he met his first love, where his great-grandparents lived and where he was pampered by his grandmother.

Because he protects the world where the pensioners give their last money and belongings they have to the Army, where they knit socks in bomb shelters for our soldiers.

This post is about socks knitted by the women of our community so that our boys would not freeze, so that they could feel the warmth of millions of people who pray for them every day, for Victory and Peace.

There’s a whole bag of those socks and all of them were knitted by women from cotton threads, some of those threads were obtained by disbanding a favourite thing, a thing that had never been worn as they were waiting for a special occasion to finally put it on. And now this time has come, a time when women share their warmth and care by working day and night.

Instead, what does the Mordor offer?

The answer of a mother to her POW son, “What do I have to do with all of that?”

The war imposed by the botox-loving KGB man?

A misperception of the values of peace and democracy?

A stupid consumption of informational garbage from the TV where all Ukrainians are dirty Banderites and neo-nazis?

The joy of receiving a meat grinder stolen by the son from the house he destroyed?

Women have always been the very indicator that reflects national traditions, the guardians of values ​​and the foundation of the upbringing of children.

Our women, mothers, grandmothers bring up Free People, brave and courageous. And that is why we are different, and we will definitely win.

There is no other way.

March 14, 19:35

Ukrainian Text by Vitaliy Kramarenko. Translated into English by Ukrainianvancouver team – Mar 25, 2022

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