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Despite the shootings

It seems nowadays that the Ukrainians have emerged from a Scandinavian epic. Their heroism is unparalleled in world history.

Despite the shootings, we are protesting on the squares of our cities. We stop tanks with our bare hands. We capture enemy equipment using only clubs. Postmen shoot down aircraft, farmers capture pilots, women shoot down drones with jars of cucumbers. I was not able to enlist in the Territorial Defence Forces of Kyiv because I have not served before, and there is a queue of people with military experience. People even pay bribes for the opportunity to go and kill the enemy. As if the genetic memory of our ancestors has awakened. From nomadic Scythians and Slavs to fearless Cossacks and Ukrainian Insurgent Army fighters. All those who have been dying for our freedom for thousands of years. The shadows of the ancestors seem to say that such a nation cannot be defeated.

They wanted to make a blitzkrieg. Appoint Yanukovych or Medvedchuk. This is a complete delusion, and it shows how much the Kremlin does not understand Ukrainians. They don't understand that we quickly became one big Maidan. As a single entity, we fight the enemy, ready to kill and die. Unlike the occupiers. They are just beginning to understand where they came from. And they are very scared. They run, surrender, and cry to their mothers. This is the confrontation of two worlds. Ordinary Ukrainians, like the gods of Asgard, confront the stone and ice giants, the Jötunns. We are experiencing Ragnarök. A real battle at the end of the world. Our cities are destroyed by rockets, women and children die, the best sons end up in Valhalla.

But victory is inevitable. For the Scandinavians, after the end of the world, a new land emerges from the sea, green and fertile. And I understand that this is about Ukrainians. We shall win. The scars will start to heal. We will love, laugh and build new cities. And we’ll tell our children about heroes by the fire About the Armed Forces, Territorial Defence and volunteers. About ordinary Ukrainians who saved their future. About the Scandinavian… No, the Ukrainian heroes of the real world.

7 March 21:37

Ukrainian Text by Pavlo Bojko, translated into English by Ukrainianvancouver team – Mar 25, 2022

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