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Day of Kharkiv

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Day of Kharkiv. March 6.

And I don’t even know what to say about the residents of our briefly occupied cities, who come out with flags against the tanks. Your balls are made not of steel, but of some previously unknown material. And I understand the ruscist (mixture of words Russian and fascist) scum who are running from you in fear. I really hope I never have to find out if I’m capable of such a thing.

And about Kharkiv. There has been more shelling and bombing. The last air raid seems to have been the most powerful of all time. And it looks like they used even more powerful ammo. Well, I never liked those windows in the entryway of our house, they should have been replaced a long time ago. But even with a closer hit by the Calibre (cruise missiles) in the building of the Oblast State Administration, they managed to hold still.

Yes, the enemy lives in some imaginary world of his own. He managed to hit the TV tower after several attempts so that the broadcasting was temporarily cut off. Judging by the persistence with which they broke in, now they should celebrate it. All the more surprising for them to find out that without a television, not a damn thing has changed. Guys, it doesn’t work like that in Ukraine! 🙂

They continue to bomb Saltovka. They methodically shoot at residential buildings, closed shopping malls and the market. The impression is that no one is aiming there at all, and they are firing bluntly “in the direction of the enemy”. They hit only because they hit an area with very dense high-rise buildings. Shelling of other districts is sporadic. They meticulously destroy Saltovka day after day.

And I do not think that they choose Saltovka for any specific reason. It looks like they just come up to a presumably safe position, discharge their weapons and go back to reload. Much of the airstrikes look the same way. Because understanding the reason a particular object was selected in most cases does not seem feasible. They bombed Kharkiv and that’s it. 

It seems that they are running out of controllable, relatively technological ammunition and are starting to hit with what they have. But since they just used to hit a lot of residential buildings, nothing much has changed. Except, as I said before, my impression is that the average power of the ammunition went up.

I have an unconfirmed, but very strong feeling. It seems to me that the last serious wave has now begun. They’re throwing at us everything they’ve got in this direction. They just bomb everything around, not really aiming, just as much as they can. And if I’m right, it’s not because they’re strong. It’s because they realize they’re running out of resources, and they have to try to crush us in time. Fuck you.

Around Kharkiv, army and territorial defence forces continue to catch these misfits. The territorial defence forces did very well today. They didn’t just blow up the vehicle column in the woods. They managed to get a lot of undamaged equipment out of it. The army did not show off their results today. But since the enemy was coming across the border again, and failed to come up to the city, it means they managed to destroy him.

The information warfare continues. For about ten days now, when evening comes, rumours start spreading that the end is near. There are, 100500 planes and twice as many missiles flying to us. Some with a chemical charge or something like that. This night, finally, we will get fucked. And then an airborne or even naval landing force of Kantemirov division (used to be an elite tank division that got almost completely destroyed by Ukrainian army), Buryats (people from the eastern part of Russia, who are fighting for Russians in this war) and Kadyrov’s (Chechnia leader) men will attack us. More Russian troops will be crossing our border than there are in the Russian Federation, even as they claim. First days people were nervous, but now it’s just boring. Unfortunately, some especially stubborn people continue to spread these rumours and carry these stinking, disgusting words in their mouths every night. The success of previous predictions does not stop them.

As for the situation in the city itself, there is not much news since yesterday. The same things I wrote about yesterday. Small changes are not particularly noticeable, it’s like the dawn: you can’t see it, but after a while, everything around you has changed. Little by little, there is less mess, more meaningful actions, more mutual help and solidarity. Nothing seems to change from day to day. But after a couple of weeks, society is different. Judging by the assortment in nearby stores, logistics have started to recover a little. Not everything, very unevenly, but it has started.

In general, situations like ours show people very vividly. All of them. The superficial, the masks come off, people remain as they are on the inside. And in any way. People you used to consider decent could do some nasty stuff. Often a person who you considered a petty unpleasant guy and didn’t expect anything good from him, does things that make you look at him with respect.

But in general, all the impressions of people from a month ago no longer really apply. The picture is completely different now. I’m lucky. Around me, the vast majority of such amazing transformations are on the positive side. Or maybe it’s not just around me. Perhaps it’s just that in these circumstances, it turns out that there is more good in everyone.

Kharkiv stands!

Glory to Ukraine!

Ukrainian Text by Mykyta Soloviov, a politician. Translated into English by Ukrainianvancouver team – Mar 07, 2022

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